If you are looking for a sport holiday, Arco is the best place for you:, hiking, trekking, mtb, windsurf and a lot of other sports, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

We both have a degree in motor science and we are sport lovers, we will be happy to give you advice and maybe arrange activities for you with a local guide (to go canyoning, river trekking, tours..) or contact a mtb rental for you. We will also show you the best sport shops in town.


Here are the cliffs that you  can easily reach walking or cycling from our b&b:

  • Placche di Baone – Natural wall for Paraclimbing – 11 paths from 4b to 6a

suitable even for blind people thanks to a tactile map. Walking from Chiarano, disabled people access from Padaro – San Giovanni road

  • Calvario – 22 paths prom 5b to 8a

Walking along the road to Laghel (via crucis), the cliff is on the left passing through the olive grove.

  • Muro dell’asino – 45 paths from 4a to 6b

30 minutes walking from Arco (limited parking lots), 15 minutes form Santa Maria di Laghel, follow the path of lecci towards the top of mount Colodri. There is a special path for children (babywood)

  • Massi di Prabi – 52 paths from 3c to 7a, bouldering possible

The path starts in front of the swimming pool parking and Arco Camping.

  • Policromuro – 92 paths from 5a to 8a

from massone, follow to Braila/Troiana. Not much parking, better walking or cycling from Arco

  • Abissi – 40 paths from 6b to 8a+

path in the wood starting from the beginning of Policromuro. Not much parking, better walking or cycling from Arco

  • Family san martino: junior 8 paths from 4c to 6b – kids 9 paths from 3a to 4b

Walking from Arco to San Martino church (20 minutes). 50 metres road towards policromuro, cliff is on the left

In Arco you will find the Climbing Stadium with its 550 square metres climbing space, location of the Rock master, the most famous climbing competition in the world! It is 10 minutes walking far from our b&b. Admission with fee, there you can climb even when it rains or at night.

More information: mountime outdoor adventures, mob: 3347734133, info@mountime.com

There is an indoor climbing structure in Dro (5 minutes drive from Arco or reachable by bike), where you can climb even when the weather outside is bad, or you can try boulder.

More information: boulder city mob: 0464507354, bouldercityasd@gmail.com


Arco is a very good place for all kinds of bike lovers: families who want to enjoy nature and relax along the cycle lanes, mtb lovers who want to ride along the paths of the bike festival marathon all year long, bikers who want to let go on the trails dedicated to gravity.

You can leave your mtb in our b&b in a safe dedicated room when you don’t use it and if you need anything we can show you the best bike shops near the b&b.

For information about public transport for you and your bike: bus www.ttesercizio.it, ferry boat www.navlaghi.it, cable car www.funiviedelbaldo.it

Don’t miss these events:

  • bike transapl: mtb competition (Arco, July)
  • get of the cliff: cronoclimb by mtb (Arco, August)
  • dero bike: 6 hours mtb (dro, september)
  • king of baldo: freeride and downhill festival (torbole, late september, early october)
  • bike festival al garda trentino: competition/show/exhibition (riva del garda, late april/early may)
  • alpen radtour: Alps tour (riva del garda, giugno)
  • Grand prix della montagna garda trentino: cronoclimb and racing (riva del garda, july)


There are lots of excursion around Arco, suitable for every level.

You can’t miss:

  • low loop: one or the three paths of the famous “corona del garda trentino”. Open all year long, you’ll have a lovely sight of Arco- torbole – riva del garda through the olive groves
  • bosco caproni and trincee di vastré: 2 hours circle path, easy and well marked, also good for children, there you can see the path of foxholes
  • castello monte colodri – monte colt: a circle path, expert level. Not suitable for children, really evocative, there you will see the Colt cross and the roman bridge of ceniga.
  • Ferrata dei colodri: start from Prabi swimming pool. For more information: via-ferrata.de


What’s better than sharing your passion with your family and your children? In Arco you will find the right activity for every age and level and you’ll be able to do it on your own or with a local guide.